Limacol CPL final round – very interesting!

My my my. First, the St Lucia Zouks beat the defending champions Jamaica Tallawahs and now the TT Red Steel are imploding against Antigua Hawksbill while batting first in St Kitts at Warner Park. It seems they may not even bat out the 20 overs in this Limacol CPL final set of matches before the semis.

Hmmmmm……I have heard the commentators say that they are using a different wicket for the games today. Could it be that it was deliberately set so that it could upset the apple cart of a few top teams? Of course, it would be great for the Hawksbills to win their first match and in so doing, get Jamaica back to the top of the table. But it wouldn’t be so nice if the track makes the top teams not perform well during the semis!

Well, Antigua is still to bat so lemme not speak too soon!