I had a dream about #WICB

With all that has been in the media about the need for the West Indies Cricket Board to change, it was only a matter of time before it entered my dreams.

Dave Cameron was still the President. His Executive Assistant was the same as in real life and she handed me some papers prior to the meeting. I have no clue why I was I at the meeting. Maybe they had heeded my calls to have more women involved in cricket administration? All that testosterone is not working out so well it seems.

Also at the meetings were the cricket captains. I recalled seeing Marlon Samuels and Darren Sammy. I was puzzled at why Marlon Samuels was at a WICB meeting with captains. Then I figured out that maybe he was a stand in captain for the One Day team. In real life he is not….but hey….this is a dream. Anything goes.

Samuels was dressed in a West Indies suit looking very dapper as he usually does in real life. Darren Sammy was in playing gear. And get this…..he was prancing all over the place, flitting from one area of the room to the next, like a kid. This is while the meeting was in progress.

I looked at Dave Cameron to see if he had reached his boiling point and was about to say something to him. He did not seem to be at that stage before my dream ended. Shucks.

In real life, there is a hullaboloo about the men’s team behaviour after the World T20 win. WICB drew them up about it. Then ICC joined in. WICB has said they will have a meeting involving captains in May. Pethaps this was a prophecy???