Hero #CPL15 T20 Diary 2: Jamaica Tallawahs vs Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel

“One more night, give me just one more night” was pumping over the speakers when I arrived around the same time as I did on Tuesday. Indeed, give Jamaica Tallawahs one more night this Thursday to put up another authority stamping T20 performance in the Hero CPL 2105. Let’s see what the boys can do in this their second home match.
From the George Headley stand, stopping by big Busta to take some photos. As I take out the iPad, I curse to myself. In my hurry to pack my media paraphernalia, I forgot the %&@^%$( iPad cable! Darn. How am I going to transfer these photos? Oh! I have the Flick app! Isn’t technology wonderful! Phew!
Jamaica Tallawahs warming up under trainer David Bernard Senior

Jamaica Tallawahs warming up under trainer David Bernard Senior

Round by the North Stand, I see the Jamaica team warming up under trainer David Bernard Snr. A little unenthusiastic, but who likes to work out, especially when the sun is %&#^$*(%) hot??? Took a few videos then thought the readers would string me up if I didn’t shoot some of the Trinidadians, so I dutifully walk over to the stands near the Party Stand and take a few. Yes, less than how many I took of the Tallawahs.
The toss is done. Dwayne Bravo called correctly and inserts Jamaica. No problem. We can bat first or last. We have the fire power. Well, we have Gayle. That’s enough. And he quickly shows why he is the World Boss of T20 cricket. A six in the first over, then two in the second. Crowd in a frenzy. They are slower in coming in today but there must be traffic.
More of the same from Gayle as this match is progressing. How does he see the ball so clearly, even at his ‘ripe old age’?  Brings up his 50 with a 6 off 23 balls. I can hardly put my head down to type. Cannot miss these fireworks!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I start uploading 51 photos and 7 videos to my Flickr account. It’s slow going but eventually it will get there, hopefully before the battery dies out. That new iOS software is a battery drainer. #Fail.
Around Gayle, the wickets are falling. Fast. First, Tuesday’s match hero Chadwick Walton, then Chris Lynn and the out of luck Mahela Jayawardene. Jermaine Blackwood is met by Chris Gayle in the middle of the pitch and spoken to. About what, we don’t know. Was it “temper your shots, I am on fire” or “play your normal game”? A few aerial shots from Blackwood cause a few heart flutters. Jamaica needs a partnership.
Meanwhile, Gayle is throttling along nicely. On 99, the crowd starts making more noises. He is circumspect.

Scantlebury-Searles to Gayle, 1 run, and another T20 hundred for Gayle, second in the CPL and first at home, widish length delivery as he pushes it down to long-off

The celebration is muted. There is more work to do to take this match away from the TT Red Steel. Finally, Gayle goes in the 19th over for 105. Red Steel celebrate. Why, ah doh know. The damage is already done. At the end of Jamaica’s innings, the score reads 180 for 6. That’s enough. See, we can bat first too and score nuff runs.
The music in the Party Stand kicks up to high gear. I am paying more attention to the lights and fan-dangles. I repeat. Digicel really know how to put on events. Kudos to them. I check on my iPad and see that progress is slow but steady. Then I hear the words “Summer” on the sound system. Wait? Isn’t that Beenie Man? Wah bout Saturday? Apparently they switched and Sizzler will perform on Saturday to a packed Party Stand.
Trinidad Red Steel needs an injection of some sort…..28 for 4 in the fifth over! Is it that their team was changed so drastically from last year that they are not firing on all cylinders? I think the crowd should feel let down. Sure, a victory for Jamaica would be good. But spectators want to see a close game. Quietly though, opener Jacques Kallis is grafting his way to 46 runs off 35 balls at the end of the 12th over. No fanfare, just quietly getting the job done. Victory for Jamaica is assured with Trinidad requiring another 106 runs with 5 wickets and 48 balls remaining. Woops, make that 4 wickets remaining. Rusty Theron and Andre Russell combine to uproot Kallis. 76 for 6. Time for me to pack up and head to George Headley. Left it too late on Tuesday so had to dodge people.
Thursday night on my way over, I heard a vendor asking someone on her phone “you get di werk?” The thought that flashed in my mind was that the Red Steel players got picked in the draft – so got a “werk” – and need a few “heros” to perform. Not tonight though. Save it for one more night…..against another opponent.
Jamaica wraps up a 50 run win over Trinidad. Hey….I didn’t have to think twice whether I should state the win “by x wickets” or “by x runs”cause one of mi breddren told me that it all depends on if you batted or fielded first. I’m learning. And obviously Jamaica Tallawahs have also learnt from their previous losses. Rest up boys. Tridents coming hard at you Saturday. But Marlon Samuels’ Patriots battered them up for you….twice! This should be quite a thrilling match.